Emotional Intelligence Assists Communication
Seven Craig Semones II - PCA-Intern

May 30, 2018

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The better self-aware that you are willing to be about yourself and others will only aide you to better navigate the social realms in which you live day to day. There are many debates when it comes to what is emotional intelligence and what isn’t emotional intelligence. The one debate that does not take place is if emotional intelligence exists. Everyday life is encountered and the many emotional attributes that come with it. Each day is filled with relationships that have to be navigated. To make a living you have to work with coworkers, in a marriage you have to work with a spouse, to be a parent you have to learn to work with your children, and the same goes within the many other relationships that exists in our lives.

According to Brackett, Rivers and Salovey (2011) “Emotional intelligence is postulated to promote positive social functioning by helping individuals to detect others’ emotion states, adopt others’ perspectives, enhance communication, and regulate behavior” (p. 96). It helps to be self-aware so that we can be more in touch with our own emotions. It’s important to utilize self-regulation to better control our own internal states. Continue to craft our own interpersonal skills that help us maintain relationships with others. Each day we must try to garner more empathy to better share and recognize the emotions of others. This takes a life long commitment that must be fueled by motivation that is truly a general desire to continue to grow as a more emotionally in-touch individual. Our whole existence is based off of interactions with others that we call communication. Good communication yields wonderful outcomes and bad communication only yields detrimental outcomes.

If after reading this report you find yourself yearning to be more emotionally in-touch with yourself and others why wait any longer. Please call Palmetto Counseling Associates. We will find the right provider that can help you dig deeper into your personality type and help walk with you as you endeavor to grow more in-touch with your emotional intelligence. Please reach out today either by calling (803) 254-9767 or setting up an appointment on our website at palmettocounseling.com.




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