Dr. Daniel Shoultz offers mediation services for family, marital, and business situations that have reached a stalemate.  Mediation is "enhanced and assisted negotiations." When two parties decide to mediate, they are anticipating that they may be able to come to a mutually acceptable settlement of their situation with the help of the mediators, and without the need for costly and unpleasant litigation.

 Mediation is usually a highly successful and positive method of resolving potential disputes, with relatively modest expense and minimal intrusion into the life and schedules of the parties. In this way, it is a favorable alternative to litigation. Many courts across the nation are now requiring mediation attempts in many cases before the cost and difficulties of litigation and trial are incurred.

 Individuals who desires to engage in mediation begin by contacting Dr. Shoultz and discuss the situation over the phone.  If you are a candidate for mediation, a one hour appointment is arranged to answer questions, sign forms and setup the first mediation meeting.