Organizational Consulting

Executive Coaching

To facilitate an individual’s leadership development within his or her organization, Palmetto Counseling Associates offers executive coaching. Uniquely tailored to the individual’s needs, the Executive Coach assesses challenges in the workplace, helps identify and enhance innate leadership ability, fosters the development of new leadership skills, and provides accountability for lasting change within a confidential and collaborative environment.

Team Building

Developing a team of leaders within an organization enhances the likelihood of its success and longevity, and Palmetto Counseling Associates provides services to maximize teamwork within the workplace. The unique strengths, perspectives, and experiences of each individual are identified and evaluated within the context of the organization in order to facilitate understanding, growth, and cooperation between and among team members. Team building specifically involves personality assessment, training in understanding team dynamics, fostering trust, and increasing performance for all team members. 

Organizational Development 

Organizational development proves a worthwhile endeavor for organizations to thrive even during economic decline, and Palmetto Counseling Associates specializes in helping companies of any size augment success and endurance. To improve an organization’s leadership infrastructure, four core company components are addressed that lead to company-wide transformation.

Culture: defining the organization’s beliefs, attitudes, customs, and values.
Vision: clarifying the company’s purposes and goals. 
Talent Development: maximizing available talent and resources.
Team Building: enhancing team success.