Putting a Stop to the Stigma
Rachel Gillian Miller - PCA-Intern

July 6, 2018

Rachel Miller-7.6.2018.png

Mental health is just as important as physical health but it does not get the same recognition. Much like the graphic above, the bigger picture is blurred and people are only able to focus on one aspect of counseling: the stigma. Many people, including myself, have experienced negativity about seeking counseling help. During a stressful time of need, support is what should be given to friends and loved ones.

These are some of the false myths about mental health that can contribute to the stigma that would be helpful to address:

Myth: Someone has to have a mental illness to go to counseling.
Fact: While it is true that people who have mental illnesses see counselors, people can also go for things such as relationship advice, life coaching, and grief management.

Myth: Men cannot benefit from counseling because they are not in touch with their feelings.
Fact: Both men and women can benefit from counseling. There is a more negative view placed on men which is part of the stigma but the amount of men receiving counseling care has increased within the last ten years.

Myth: Seeking counseling is a sign of weakness.
Fact: Realizing you need help with daily functions and certain parts of your life is courageous and not something to be ashamed of. Not only can you get professional help but you can learn new skills to benefit you in areas of work and relationships.

Myth: All counselors want to put you on medication.
Fact: While counselors are professionals with higher degrees, psychologists and licensed professional counselors (LPCs) are more focused on the therapeutic process rather than medication. Counselors will refer you to psychiatrists for medication if there is a need.

Counseling can be therapeutic for many aspects of life and a way to maintain a healthy mental state. If you are in need of a life coach, a friend, a counselor, Palmetto Counseling Associates can help. Our practice has almost twenty providers that range from counselors to psychiatrists to nurse practitioners. Each provider is listed on our website and what they specialize in and they can be found at palmettocounseling.com.
Appointments can be made on their individual pages or by calling our office at (803) 254-9767.


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